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Tales of Symphonia Downloads
All right~!  Got some more junk for you kiddies.  :)

Opening (English Version)
Opening (Heroic Mix)

The first one's the English opening for Tales of Symphonia.  The other is the version of the same song played just before you fight Yggdrasill at Derris-Kharlan.  Both of these were never released on the OST because they were specially composed for the English-language version of the game.  :3

And now, more NPC Battle Quotes!!!

YuanCollapse )

RemielCollapse )

Mithos YggdrasillCollapse )

And that's it!  Once I figure out where the heck all of Botta's quotes are stored, I'll get those, but it looks like they're scattered all over the sound test, so... ^^;

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Now if you're like me then you've had trouble finding videos of the Japanese Hi-Ougis. But fear no more! For this handy-dandy site has all the Hi-Ougi fun you could ever want.

Simply go over to the 'movies' page, and oh look! It's all there. Pretty much every single Hi-Ougi, even Abyssion's if he really interests you that much. All in massively-overpowered pwnage format! Delicious.

Or maybe I should let you see it all for yourself. There's even ToA, ToE, and ToD2 stuff if you know about it and all.

I leave you alone to do whatever now!
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Hay guys welcome to the community. :] Here, I've got all single-character end battle quotes for you, plus battle quotes for Seles and the Grand Cardinals (sans Rodyle)~!

Playable character end battle quotesCollapse )

SelesCollapse )

Desian Grand Cardinal Super Fun Pack!Collapse )

And just for crack value:

"Wahoo. Wahoo! Loople Doo!"

If any of the links stop working, be sure to let me know. Kthx! :]

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